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Sivakumar Krishnasamy: I’m a nerd programmer, trainer, mentor, runner and acumen on the design of enterprise software with more than thirteen years of wide experience in various domains. Such as Virtual assistance, Telecommunication, Insurance and Big Data and Machine Learning. I work for Gavs Technologies as a Technical Architect. It was my personal site to express my thoughts and understanding of various technologies, programming languages, frameworks, methodologies that I love to explore or which I came across in my routine job. The aim of this site is to share all my experience which I feel quite challenge to crack or better way to solve complex problems. My aim is to help atleast one million people across the world to enhance their value to better their living.

My Vision: I want to become one among top software architect in the software development landscape to make people’s life more celebration then by automating the monotonous jobs by using Big data and AI.